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Code of Practice

What is the Code of Practice for Landlords, Agents and Advertisers (‘the Code’)?

This Code sets out what the University of London (“We”) expects of Landlords, Agents and Advertisers who make use of the housing database to advertise accommodation to students and staff at our subscribing Colleges and Universities.

The Code must be read in conjunction with our terms and conditions of website use and acceptable use policy.

What we expect from you

1. General

 1.1. To comply at all times with any and all applicable laws in respect of advertising, letting and managing residential accommodation.

 1.2. To be courteous and respectful to staff at the ULHS

 1.3  To only seek to advertise or let out accommodation where you have a right or the authority to do so.

 1.4. To promptly provide, when requested, any and all documentation to satisfy us that you have complied with clauses 1.1 and 1.2.

 1.5. Where you have registered with us on the basis of your membership of or participation in a recognised accreditation scheme, redress scheme or other professional body, that you inform us as soon as reasonably practicable of any change in your membership or participation in that scheme.

 1.6. To ensure that accommodation is advertised in a way that is clear, accurate and discloses any and all significant information which would have an impact on a prospective tenant’s decision to rent the accommodation.

Dealing with prospective, current and former residents of your accommodation

2. Prospective, current and former residents will be given:

 2.1. a courteous and respectful service that is free from discrimination on the grounds of protected characteristics

 2.2. a written contract for accommodation

 2.3. a reasonable period of time of not less than one working day to review the terms of an accommodation contract before being asked to agree to its terms

 2.4. clear and accurate written information summarising any and all rents, charges and other fees that are payable in respect of the accommodation

 2.5. receipts for any and all payments made in respect of the accommodation.

 2.6. the option to pay rent, deposits or other charges by a method other than cash

 2.7. contact details for you, or the person managing the accommodation on your behalf, including a telephone number, email address and postal address.

 2.8. clear and accurate written information about any holding deposit or commitment fee payable in respect of accommodation, including details about the circumstances under which that holding deposit or commitment fee will and will not be repayable.

 2.9. comprehensive information about the property at the start of the accommodation contract, including but not limited to information about refuse disposal procedures, location of utility meters, boiler and stopcock

 2.10. an opportunity to inspect, comment on and amend any check-in or check-out inventory, including providing additional evidence and photographs

 2.11. a reasonably prompt response to reports of defects, disrepair or other problems within the accommodation

 2.12. adequate notice of any and all viewings, inspections and other visits to the accommodation by you, your agents or contractors.

 2.13. full and complete information about any alleged breach of the terms of their occupation of the accommodation

 2.14. a clear and comprehensive breakdown of any proposed deposit deductions, along with supporting receipts, invoices and other evidence, within a reasonable period of the end of the accommodation period

What you can expect from us

3. We aim to process requests for registration within two working days of receipt, and will endeavour to contact you if your registration cannot be completed within that time.

4. We aim to respond to emails and enquiries within two working days.

5. We may contact you if:

 5.1. we receive a complaint from a prospective, current or former resident, or other user of our housing database

 5.2. we wish to raise questions or concerns about the accommodation you are advertising or your accommodation advert

 5.3. we wish to provide you with information regarding our website, housing database or events

How we deal with complaints against you

6. In the event of a complaint being raised by a prospective, current or former resident, or other user of our housing database, we may:

 6.1. provide you with details of the complaint

 6.2. engage in correspondence with you regarding the complaint

 6.3. invite you to meet with us to discuss the complaint, or

 6.4. take action in response to the complaint

7. After having given you the opportunity to consider the complaint, we may:

 7.1. take no further action

 7.2. impose conditions on your future registration with us and use of our website and housing database, or

 7.3. suspend or remove your access to our website and housing database

8. We reserve the right to suspend or remove your access to our website and housing database without notice, although we expect this to only be necessary in the event of complaints of a serious nature.

How you can complain about us

9. Please refer to our complaints procedure for further information.

Updated 4-April 2017

This page is intended to answer some of the most common questions we have been asked by letting agents. If your question has not been answered here, please get in touch at

1. What is the ULHS Property Platform?

The University of London Housing Services Property Platform allows you to advertise your properties to our registered students. Students from our member institutions use our database to find a new home.

The platform will allow you to track how your adverts are performing and use an API to allow you to automatically send properties from your own systems to be advertised on our platform.

02. Pricing & Payments

Prices for Letting Agents

On 20th July 2022 we will be making updates to the SPCE platform, to provide an updated and simplified platform, which we hope will improve the user experience.

For all registered and new users, there will be no charge for the first year post update up to July 2023. From July 2023, any new and existing property providers will pay a simple annual fee as detailed below.

Fees chargeable as of July 2023

Number of buildings            Cost

1                                             £375

2 - 4                                        £500

03. Registration Requirements

We will check that all new agents are members of an approved client money protection and approved redress scheme.

In addition to this, we currently ask that any letting agents registered with us are a member of one of the following schemes:

  • Propertymark (formerly ARLA - Association of Residential Letting Agents)
  • Safeagent (formerly NALS - National Approved Letting Scheme)
  • RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors)

These schemes have been judged to have satisfactory complaints and redress procedures for our students, as well as robust written codes of practice, the requirement for members to hold professional indemnity insurance and demonstrate appropriate client money accounting procedures.

Letting Agents must also agree to abide by our Code of Good Practice. The Code can be accessed here.

04. Can I set up an API?

We have an API that allows you to automatically upload properties on to the database. For a copy of our guide on setting this up, please contact us.

05. Advertising opportunities

We offer additional advertising opportunities on our website and in emails to students. There are also opportunities to sponsor some of our events, such as the Landlord Forum, Flatmate Finder Event and Housing Fair. Contact us for more information.

06. How Are Students And Staff verified on the platform?

We collect photo ID and a copy of the student’s ID or an offer to study letter to verify their status as a student at one of our registered member institutions. You can find the full list of those here.

For university staff members, we collect photo ID and staff ID or a letter offering employment.

Please note, our ID checks are purely to check for student or staff status and do not include a full reference nor do they cover a landlord’s legal obligation to carry out ‘Right to Rent’ checks on tenants. You may wish to consider additional reference checks if you feel they are necessary.

07. Can non-students use the platform to find properties?

The property platform is only available to students from our member institutions and University of London staff. For staff members, we still collect Photo ID and University staff ID to verify their identity.

App coming soon

For the time being please search on our website