Letting Agents

Update: 1 May 2020

We were due to launch our new property platform on the 31st March but this has sadly been delayed.

Along with many other organisations, the University of London and our developers have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. This means we have had challenges in relation to completing the development and testing of the new property platform. We have been working hard to overcome these but this has caused some unavoidable delays.

In addition to this, we have to think carefully about the appropriate timing for launching the platform to our students.

The current lockdown in London has been extended with no concrete announcements as to when this might be lifted or how this might be achieved. Currently, it is still unclear what the scale and disruption of the lockdown will be on the private rental sector and how it could affect the start of the student academic year in September.

We must launch the new platform at a time when students are able to start planning for the next academic year. Currently students cannot realistically commit to contracts for their housing and will be unable to until there is further information as to when and how Universities will re-open.

This means we are still not in a position to schedule the launch of the platform.

We appreciate that the current uncertainty is a concern for our accommodation providers and we are continuing to monitor the situation and are preparing for different scenarios.

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