Find a Housemate

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Our flatsharing message board has now been replaced with our Flatmate Finder Facebook group.

To join, you must send us an email from your University email address, giving us your Facebook name. Without this, we cannot approve you.  If you have not yet begun your studies, you must send us an email with your offer letter.

On this group, you can post adverts for rooms in your shared student flats/houses or find other students to go flat hunting with. It is designed exclusively for students in London.  You cannot post on the group if you are the landlord of the property.

Please note that if you are looking to move out of your private accommodation and seeking a replacement tenant, you will need your landlord’s permission. You will also need to see paperwork is put in place to facilitate the transfer. Sometimes this is done with the new tenant signing a new contract with the landlord or by using a document called a Deed of Assignment. The ULHS will be happy to help you with this, please use the Get Advice section for more information and contact us for assistance.

The group is moderated between 10am and 5pm Mon-Fri. There may be a delay in approving posts submitted outside of these times.

How to join the group:

Step 1. Register to use our database

Step 2. Ensure you have the latest version of the Facebook app, or log in to the desktop version of Facebook.

Step 3. Go to the Facebook group and click join.

Step 4. You should now be promtped with list of questions. Answer 'yes' to the first question and then enter the email address you used to register on our database. If you enter a different email, we will not be able to match your request to your account with us and your request to join will be denied.

Step 5. Wait for approval and then, when approved, start posting!


The University of London Housing Services (ULHS) has no direct association with any of the advertisers, rooms or properties listed in this group. The advertisers and properties have not been vetted.  ULHS shall not be held liable for any loss or damage (however caused) suffered as a result of any dealings you have with any of the people using this group to advertise rooms/ properties.

If you have any questions or concerns about an advert you see placed on this group then please contact the ULHS and one of our housing advisors will be able to assist you.


The rooms/properties listed in this group are not inspected by the ULHS. Please ensure that you check that properties meet all safety requirements, seeking advice and information as to those standards from the ULHS, local authority or other appropriate organisation where necessary.

Money/ Scams

Please note carefully that you should not send money to landlords, letting agents, students or others before viewing properties listed in this group. The ULHS recommends that before making a payment, you view the property and obtain a copy of the draft contract and have it checked by one of our housing advisors prior to paying any money.

Fraudsters will often target students and in particular, international students through adverts websites and in facebook groups. If you are asked to send money as a deposit to the advertiser or a friend/relative using a service such as Western Union or Moneygram without having viewed the property then do not do it.

Every year some students fall victim to accommodation “scams” after responding to online adverts. Be careful and always contact the ULHS if you are unsure and need advice.