Pricing & Registration

Prices for Student Hall Providers

Fee Private Hall Charitable Hall
One off set-up fee £500 (£600)* £250 (£300)*
Booking request 2% 2%
Enquiry Free Free

*The fee is reduced for those who sign up early. After this promotion period it will revert to the price in brackets.

To advertise on the new platform, you will pay a one-off accreditation fee of £500 for companies who sign up early and after the promotion period, the accreditation fee will be £600. 
In addition to this, we will make a charge for every booking request made through the system. This means that once you have paid the one-off accreditation fee you will only be charged further once you have accepted a booking made through the platform. 

Boosting / Featured listings

You can 'boost' your advert and have it appear as a Featured Listing for an additional fee. This fee varies depending on the time of year.

  Peak (February - September) Off-peak (October-January)
PBSA/ Hall boost per building £250 £100