Frequently asked questions

The aim of this page is to answer some of the most frequent questions that landlords ask. If you have a question that is not answered by this page please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or call us on 020 7862 8880. 

  • 01. How does the ULHS Property Platform work?

    The University of London Housing Services Property Platform allows you to advertise your property to our registered students and staff from our 25 member institutions

    Students will be able to use our new app to search for their accommodation and to communicate directly via the app with their landlord throughout their entire tenancy period. From signing up to reporting repairs during their tenancy the new platform will give our students confidence and security that all of our landlords are vetted and the entire process can be carried out with full transparency within the app.

    For landlords, the platform will also bring many technological advances including online contract signing, rent collection and a landlord dashboard to allow you to track how your property is performing. 

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  • 02. Pricing & Payments

    To sign up to our platform, landords pay a one-off accrediation fee of £65.

    In addition to this, we will make a charge of 2.5% of the full value of the rent, for every successful letting through the platform. This is charged monthly for the duration of the tenancy.

    After paying the initial one-off accreditation fee, if you don’t successfully let through our platform then we won’t charge you anything.

    One off-accredditation fee £65
    Successful booking (contract signed by tenant) 2.5% of rent for the full value of the contract, charged monthly for the duration of the tenancy
    Enquiries & viewings




    Boosting / Featured listings

    You can 'boost' your advert and have it appear as a Featured Listing for an additional fee. This fee varies depending on the time of year.

      Peak (February - September) Off-peak (October-January)
    Landlord boost per property/ room £25 £10

    Please note that our new platform does not accept American Express (AMEX) or cards registered outside the UK & EU for payments. This is due to the cost of processing these payment types. If you use one of these incompatible cards on our platform you will be shown an error message and should then use a different card type to proceed.


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  • 03. Registration Requirements

    To register on the property platform, you will need to meet the following requirements:

    - Agree to abide by our Code of Good Practice for Landlords. The Code can be accessed here.

    - Provide us with details of a valid Gas Safety Certificate for all of the properties you wish to advertise.

    - Provide us with evidence of your ownership of the property, or permission to let if you are not the owner. 

    - Provide a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate for the property.

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  • 04. Where can I get advice?

    We are unable to offer legal advice to registered landlords. We also cannot advise you on the amount of rent to charge for your property. For general information on renting to students, see our Renting to Students page.

    You can find information on your obligations as a landlord on the links below:

    Renting Your Property (England and Wales)

    Residential Landlords Association

    National Landlord Association


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  • 05. How are students and staff verified?

    We collect photo ID and a copy of the student’s ID or an offer to study letter to verify their status as a student at one of our registered member institutions. You can find the full list of those here.

    For university staff members, we collect photo ID and staff ID or a letter offering employment.

    Please note, our ID checks are purely to check for student or staff status and do not include a full reference nor do they cover a landlord’s legal obligation to carry out ‘Right to Rent’ checks on tenants. You may wish to consider additional reference checks if you feel they are necessary.

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  • 06. Can non-students use the platform to find properties?

    The property platform is available to students and staff from our member institutions.

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  • 07. Do all students have guarantors?

    Students have the option of providing a guarantor. A guarantor must be either a UK citizen or UK resident, with a UK bank account. We collect photo ID and proof of address for guarantors.

    If students are unable to provide a guarantor then landlords can instead request additional rent in advance, up to a maximum of 6 months’ of rent. We do however offer students the option to pay rent for the full contract in advance if they wish. Some students prefer this option due to exchange rates.

    We do not conduct additional referencing or credit checks on guarantors. You may wish to consider additional reference checks if you feel they are necessary.

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  • 08. How will students contact me?

    Prospective tenants can use the platform to get in touch with you directly with enquiries and to send booking requests for viewings. Once you have a tenant, they can also contact you using the app to report repair issues. The platform allows for everything related to the tenancy to be dealt with in one place.

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  • 09. How will I receive payment?

    We have partnered with Stripe to allow a simple process for making and receiving payments. Landlords can securely provide bank details on the platform. We then take card details from a student and ensure the rent money is automatically paid to the landlord on the correct day. Landlords can request for rent to be paid for up to 6 months in advance if students do not have a UK guarantor. If they do have a guarantor, landlords can only request rent up to one (1) month in advance.

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  • 10. Can I use my own tenancy or license agreement?

    We require landlords to use the tenancy or license agreement provided by us when listing property through the platform. However, there is a supplementary page that can be customised to add special conditions.

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  • 11. Can I see the standard tenancy / license agreement before I sign up?

    Yes. You can view our contract on our Sample Contracts page.

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  • 12. What if I’m a live-in landlord?

    Live in landlords are welcome to advertise rooms on the property platform. The same pricing structure applies.

    You will be required to use our standard license agreement for any letting that takes place via the platform.

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  • 13. Who protects the deposit?

    The deposit is paid directly to landlords via the Stripe payment system, and therefore landlords remain solely responsible for protecting the deposit in line with their legal obligations.

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  • 14. What if my tenants want to leave early?

    There is a process within the platform for the landlord to end the tenancy early with agreement from the students. This can be used in the case of a student wishing to end the tenancy early, or if a joint tenant wishes to leave and be replaced by a new tenant.





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  • 15. Is there a rating system for landlords or tenants?

    Yes. Tenants have the opportunity to give a rating after 2 weeks stay in the property. Landlords can give a rating about the tenant 1 week before the tenancy ends.

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  • 16. What happens if my tenants don't pay their rent?

    Seven days after the scheduled payment your tenants would be sent an email to chase for payment. After a further seven days, any guarantor will be emailed. Seven days after that, the original card will be tried again. If these steps don’t resolve the matter, both tenant and guarantor will be emailed and it’ll be for the landlord to take it up with them. We don’t deduct our fee if the tenants default on their rent.

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  • 17. Can I see how many people have viewed my advert?

    Yes. You will have statistics available to you on the dashboard on your account showing the number of views on your advert. 

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