Legal Advice

We have a very experienced team of advisors who are able to give legal advice on a range of different private housing issues including disrepair, holding or damage deposit disputes, pest infestations, problems with landlords or letting agents and many other subjects.

Our housing advice team is very experienced and can advise on most cases students bring to our attention but to support the team, the ULHS have retained a firm of solicitors for many years. Our retained firm, Anthony Gold solicitors, are housing specialists and the advice team consult with them on complex cases. Occasionally there will be situations where we feel that students should be referred directly to our solicitors for a consultation. This is rare and will normally be in cases of a serious nature and where there is some urgency.

Advice appointments are usually conducted in person, but we can also offer telephone appointments, where this is more convenient. We can also deal with some enquiries via e-mail. We are not generally able to offer drop-in advice so please contact us by telephone or e-mail in advance to arrange an appointment.

If you are looking for general advice about looking for housing in London, we would recommend our Private Housing Guide. This will guide you through the process of planning your search, inspecting properties, signing the contract and paying deposits. 

Please note that we cannot offer advice on University halls issues and we also are not experts on council or social housing so may need to refer students and staff seeking advice in this area. Please see below for a list of alternative advice agencies that may be able to assist in these areas.  

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NEW Tenant Fees Act 2019 from 1st June 2019. Read all about it here . Brief overview of this law can also be found on page 50 of our Private Housing Guide