Safe Student Accommodation in East London: Eleanor Rosa House


Eleanor Rosa House: Student accommodation in east London


Studying in London is an experience like no other and with a new term about to start many students on 'essential' courses will be looking for accommodation that offers value, location and quality. Eleanor Rosa House is an immediate match for any student seeking modern, well equipped accommodation in the diverse and exciting domain of East London. 


Combine distance learning and the campus experience


Eleanor Rosa House is ideally situated to give students an incredible London University experience like no other. The site is based in Stratford, a bustling part of East London which is home to the Olympic park, Westfield shopping centre and with added central line connectivity. In addition, Stratford is a short journey away from some of East London’s trendiest spots including Columbia Road, London Fields, Broadway Market, and Hackney Wick to name a few.


The Covid-19 pandemic has made for some very strange and unprecedented times but with the University’s top remote learning capabilities,  you don’t need to travel to campus all the time and can learn from the comfort of Eleanor Rosa Hall. This is a unique opportunity for you to get to know and enjoy one of the most sought-after parts of London! 


As the largest transport hub in east London,  nearby Stratford International station offers direct and safe travel to all parts of the city. For the times that you’d like to travel to campus in west London, you can take the central line from Stratford station. This will go directly to Lancaster Gate or Marble arch which are both a five minute walk from the main university campuses.


The benefits of campus life


Life on campus is a fantastic experience and it’s a place for you to connect with the wider university and faculty in which you are studying. On campus you’ll have access to academic staff and coursemates which can be an invaluable source of support if you need any help. 


  • Making friends - One of the best things about university is making new friends. You can talk about your interests, studies and enjoy a spot of lunch either on campus or at the many cafes in the area
  • Meeting with tutors - Our attentive academic staff are always on hand to give students support and guidance during their studies. On campus you will have access to faculty staff which is very useful if you need help with work or want to discuss something else
  • Extra curricular activities - being present on campus often means that you will be able to discover and take part in different events both curricular and extracurricular. This could be anything from meeting up with members of a university society to playing sports  
  • Marvelous settings -  University of London campuses are based in some of the finest architectural settings in the world. They are also situated in some of the most popular destinations of the capital. Being on campus is hugely inspiring as you get to learn and develop in historically iconic surroundings.   


The benefits of distance learning


Being able to learn without having to be present at lectures or classes is absolutely invaluable especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The University is fully committed to keeping students safe whilst still delivering a first class education for those that feel uneasy about regular physical attendance. Eleanor Rosa House is perfectly equipped for optimal focused study, allowing students to reap a whole host of benefits such as:


  • Less travel time - Taking the central line to our main campus buildings would only take around half an hour each way and is by no means long! Distance learning however cuts this added journey time out of your day leaving you with the flexibility to spend the time elsewhere!
  • Discover new areas of London - Distance learning means that because traveling frequency is reduced, you don’t have to live near a campus. This frees you to live in new amazing parts of the capital like East London    
  • Save money - With the ability to learn and progress in your course via our remote portal, you stand to save on daily travel expenses which can then reduce your outgoings!
  • Increased focus - Learning from your living environment can reduce distractions, increase focus and lead to more energy
  • Learn in comfortable surroundings - Aside from just a great place to live, Eleanor Rosa House boasts a quiet room and a dedicated study room. Both of these environments are calm, clean, quiet and completely conducive to a studying environment. All study and quiet areas are served by ultra-fast reliable wifi so distance learning is smooth and uninterrupted


2020 has been a very strange year and the impact of Covid-19 has been felt universally. At the university of London we understand the importance of maintaining a world-leading standard of education which is why we endorse striking a healthy balance between both campus-based and distance learning.


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With the ratios between distance and campus learning becoming more even, now has never been a better time to base yourself in one of the newest and most breathtaking accommodation halls in London. Easy transport to main campus locations coupled with brand new study facilities places Eleanor Rosa House as a key facilitator for this new style of hybrid learning.


Rooms range from single ensuites to full studios with laundry and bike storage on site. Regardless of accommodation type, all prices represent fantastic value and guarantee a comfortable friendly environment.