Pricing & Registration

We will open registrations on March 3rd. There will be a discounted set up fee for any sign ups before the launch of the database on 30th April.

Prices for Letting Agents

One-off set up fee:  £250 (£300 from 30/04/2020)
Fee Per Room Per Property
Viewing Booking Fee £3 £6

The Viewing Booking Fee be charged on any viewing successfully booked using the property platform.

*Set-up fees are introductory offers for those signing up before 30th April. The price will then revert to £300 after the introductory period.

Boosting / Featured listings

You can 'boost' your advert and have it appear as a Featured Listing for an additional fee. This fee varies depending on the time of year.

  Peak (February - September) Off-peak (October-January)
Agent boost per property/ room £25 £10