University of London Student Homes Scheme

Our Student Homes scheme is set up not only to benefit students, but also to benefit landlords. Student Homes is a leasing scheme whereby the University of London becomes the tenant of property owners in a head lease agreement. We then sublet the properties to our full time students. For the student their landlord is us and for you we are your tenant.

We offer a rent guarantee for the full term of the contract. If the student sub-tenant defaults on their rent, we’ll ensure that you’re paid your rent in full anyway. If the student sub-tenant causes damage to the property, we will deal with it. You get guaranteed rent for 51 weeks and will have the property returned to you in the same condition as we received it at the start of the tenancy, less fair wear-and-tear.

If you own a property that you think we’d be interested in, are a reputable service to manage your property, and peace of mind, have a look at the information regarding the Student Homes scheme on the landlord’s section of our website: