FAQs - Landlords

The aim of this page is to answer some of the most frequent questions that landlords ask. If you have a question that is not answered by this page please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at housing@lon.ac.uk or call us on 020 7862 8880

  • How does the ULHS Property Platform work?

    The University of London Housing Services Property Platform allows you to advertise your property to our registered students. Students from our 25 member institutions use our database to find a new home. The new platform will open for registrations on March 3rd. To keep updated on this, join our mailing list.

    Students will be able to use our new app to search for their accommodation and to communicate directly via the app with their landlord throughout their entire tenancy period. From signing up to reporting repairs during their tenancy the new platform will give our students confidence and security that all of our landlords are vetted and the entire process can be carried out with full transparency within the app.

    For landlords, the platform will also bring many technological advances including online contract signing, rent collection and a landlord dashboard to allow you to track how your property is performing.



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  • Pricing

    On the new platform you will pay a one-off accreditation fee of £50 for landlords who sign up before the 30th April. After this date the accreditation fee will be £65. 

    In addition to this, we will make a small charge of 2.5% of the full value of the rent, for every successful letting through the platform. This is charged monthly for the duration of the tenancy.

    After paying the initial one-off accreditation fee, if you don’t successfully let through our platform then we won’t charge you anything.

    One off-accredditation fee £50 (£65 from 30/04/20)
    Successful booking (contract signed by tenant) 2.5% of rent for the full value of the contract, charged monthly for the duration of the tenancy
    Enquiries & viewings




    Boosting / Featured listings

    You can 'boost' your advert and have it appear as a Featured Listing for an additional fee. This fee varies depending on the time of year.

      Peak (February - September) Off-peak (October-January)
    Landlord boost per property/ room £25 £10



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  • Registration Requirements

    To regisiter on property platform, you will need to meet the following requirements:

    - Agree to abide by our Code of Good Practice for Landlords. The Code can be accessed here.

    - Provide us with details of a valid Gas Safety Certificate for all of the properties you wish to advertise.

    - Provide us with evidence of your ownership of the property, or permission to let if you are not the owner



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  • Where to get advice

    We are unable to offer legal advice to registered landlords. We also cannot advise you on the amount of rent to charge for your property. For general information on renting to students, see our Renting to Students page.

    You can find information on your obligations as a landlord on the links below:

    Renting Your Property (England and Wales)

    Residential Landlords Association

    National Landlord Association


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