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Students are used to sophisticated platforms that have the latest technology and are easy to use and navigate around. The new platform will bring them this and much more! We have partnered with an exciting new developer who has helped us to create the technology-driven answer to the student accommodation market.

Students will be able to use our new app to search for their accommodation and to communicate directly via the app with their landlord throughout their entire tenancy period. From signing up to reporting repairs during their tenancy the new platform will give our students confidence and security that all of our landlords are vetted and the entire process can be carried out with full transparency within the app.

For landlords, the platform will also bring many technological advances including online contract signing, rent collection and a landlord dashboard to allow you to track how your property is performing.

Covid-19: launch delayed

We were due to launch our new Property Platform to accommodation providers on the 31st of March and unfortunately we are now unable to do so. Along with many organisations, the University of London and our developers have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. We have had to prioritise supporting our students during this uncertain time and our developers have faced staffing issues. This means we have had challenges in relation to completing the development and testing of the new Platform.

Although at this stage we do not foresee a significant delay in being able to launch the platform to accommodation providers, we cannot be certain that we will not be further impacted and cannot therefore give a revised launch date at this time. Ultimately we must now look to launch the new platform at a time that students will be able to start planning for the next academic year and want to use the platform. Currently, we cannot predict when this might be and this means that the launch to accommodation providers may be delayed further. 

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  • Pricing

    This section provides information on deposit protection requirements, including links to each of the deposit protection schemes' websites.

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  • Frequently asked questions

    Where do students look for housing? How do we work with landlords? What kind of rent can I expect to receive? This section is designed to answer all your commonly asked questions.

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  • Code of Practice

    We aim to improve student access to good quality accommodation that is well-managed. For this reason, all accommodation providers who advertise on our website agree to abide by our Code of Practice.

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  • Renting to Students

    Find out about renting to students, when students look for accommodation, and more.

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