This page is intended to answer some common questions for Student Hall Providers / PBSAs. If your question has not been answered here, please get in touch at housing@london.ac.uk.

  • 1. What is the ULHS Property Platform?

    The University of London Housing Services Property Platform allows you to advertise your property to our registered students. Students from our member institutions use our database to find a new home.

     Students will soon be able to use our new app to search for their accommodation and to contact you directly to make a booking. 
    We know that students are used to sophisticated platforms that have the latest technology and are easy to use and navigate around. This is why we have partnered with an exciting new developer who has helped us to create the technology-driven answer to the student accommodation market. 
    Previously Student Hall providers only been able to advertise to our students via a website listing or banner advert. Whilst these opportunities are still available, this will raise the profile of your properties, and they will be listed alongside properties from Landlords and Letting Agents.
    The new system includes a property dashboard to allow you to track how your adverts are performing. There will also be the option to boost your adverts.
    Students will be all be pre-verified before they can use the system and must attend one of our subscribing colleges – see here for a full list of our colleges.  

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  • 2. When does the platform open?

    We were due to launch our new Property Platform to accommodation providers on the 31st of March and unfortunately we are now unable to do so.

    Along with many organisations, the University of London and our developers have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. We have had to prioritise supporting our students during this uncertain time and our developers have faced staffing issues. This means we have had challenges in relation to completing the development and testing of the new Platform. Although at this stage we do not foresee a significant delay in being able to launch the platform to accommodation providers, we cannot be certain that we will not be further impacted and cannot therefore give a revised launch date at this time. Ultimately we must now look to launch the new platform at a time that students will be able to start planning for the next academic year and want to use the platform. Currently, we cannot predict when this might be and this means that the launch to accommodation providers may be delayed further. 

    To keep updated on this, join our mailing list.


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  • 3. Pricing

    Prices for Student Hall Providers

    Fee Private Hall Charitable Hall
    One off set-up fee £500 (£600)* £250 (£300)*
    Booking request 2% 2%
    Enquiry Free Free

    *The fee is reduced for signs up in the promotion period. After this it will revert to the price in brackets.

    In addition to this, we will make a charge for every booking request made through the system. This means that once you have paid the one-off accreditation fee you will only be charged further once you have accepted a booking made through the platform. 

    Boosting / Featured listings

    You can 'boost' your advert and have it appear as a Featured Listing for an additional fee. This fee varies depending on the time of year.

      Peak (February - September) Off-peak (October-January)
    PBSA/ Hall boost per building £250 £100



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  • 4. Is the accreditation fee per company or per property?

    The fee is per company and is a one-off fee. Once you have registered your company, you can list as many rooms and properties as required.

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  • 5. What is a booking request?

    When a student views your advert, they will have two options. To send an enquiry, or request to book.

    There is no charge for enquiries.

    However, if the student requests to book, you will be sent their details. This will include their University, course start and end date, and student status. You will then have the option to accept, decline, or request more information.

    You will only be charged when you accept the booking request.

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  • 6. What happens after a booking request is accepted?

    Once you have accepted the booking request, you will be charged for a successful booking. You will then be given the students contact details to proceed with the booking directly. The booking process is not administered on the University of London platform. 

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  • 7. How Are Students And Staff verified on the platform?

    We collect photo ID and a copy of the student’s ID or an offer to study letter to verify their status as a student at one of our registered member institutions. You can find the full list of those here

    For university staff members, we collect photo ID and staff ID or a letter offering employment.

    Please note, our ID checks are purely to check for student or staff status and do not include a full reference nor do they cover a landlord’s legal obligation to carry out ‘Right to Rent’ checks on tenants. You may wish to consider additional reference checks if you feel they are necessary.

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