Short Term Housing

Flats and Flatshares Short Lets

If you are looking to rent a room in a shared flat or house or a whole property for less than the normal 6 months then this is the option for you. Accommodation offered from as little as 1 night up until 6 months.

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University Halls of Residence 

The University of London offers Bed and Breakfast accommodation in eight Intercollegiate Halls of Residence. To book a place in the halls of residence please click here.


Independent/Private Halls

Some private and independent Halls now offer short term lets for students during termtime. Unlike University Hall places you do not apply through your College for these places but can contact the Hall directly.

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Host Families

Host Families are live in landlords who offer the opportunity to live as part of their family. This can be a very popular option particularly with students who are new to London and its culture and/or who may be looking to improve their English language skills. Host familiy accommodation is one of the most affordable options for short stays and can be particularly useful as temporary accommodation for students to allow them time to find something more permanent.  

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Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are available for short term stays and were created out of the need for a more home away from home type of accommodation, where you can prepare your own meals in a kitchen provided.  Serviced apartments can vary in size from studio flats up to 5 bedroom flats.

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Hostels and Hotels 

Hostels are often the cheapest way to stay in London, if you are prepared to share a room. Dorm rooms can be found for as little as 10-12 per night. If you want to have your own room, you should expect to pay double this. Hotels are also an option though are naturally more expensive but are particularly good if you want a little more peace and privacy during your stay in London.

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